Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This isn't going to be......

I am not the kind of person who is clear about what she wants, but I am definitely the kind of person who just knows what she doesn't want. I guess it's better than knowing neither.

When I first thought of writing a blog, I wasn't sure what I wanted the blog to be, but I knew that I did not want it a place where I dump anything that comes to my mind.
After going through blogs of some of my friends, and even some celebrities I realized anyone with even pea-sized brain should be able to figure out who these guys are talking about in their blogs, even though references to those people maybe be veiled behind - "Someone", "A friend", "Some people", "A person I know" or simply by using that person's initials.

I was wondering if these people who write "not so nice" things about others in their blogs, are also aware that anyone who knows both of them would also know who the blogger is talking about. So can we say that they are using blog as a means to gossip and settle scores, although at a much broader forum. I guess nobody wants to be called gossipy even when one is indulging in gossip, so not addressing someone directly may give them solace that none can pinpoint, at least not with proof, that they have been talking about someone behind his/her back.

So in a nutshell... I have decided that this isn't going to be a blog where I carry out my personal vendetta against people irrespective of how much trouble a they may be giving me at that point of time. This is my blog and will remain dedicated to my thoughts that are worth something, even if it's a paisa.

Thoughts dedicated to painting onself as a victim are simply worthless.....

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