Friday, June 12, 2009

ATM Blues

Have you ever come across people who count their cash once it slides out of the ATM machine?

All these people happen to stand in front of me in the queue, especially when I am in great rush. There you are, in urgent need of cash. You see an ATM, with 10 people already in queue. You wait for a second to ponder - should try this one or hunt one with a shorter queue?. You realise that you'll take another 5 minutes to go to the other ATM machine, while if everyone in this queue takes 30 seconds to withdraw their money, then after 5 minutes anyway it will be your turn, so why drive farther.
So you wait....
and wait......
and wait..........
and wait..............


2 minutes have gone and the person inside has yet not come out. What could be happening inside that is taking more time withdraw money than it would have taken a rude bank teller to give it to you. Aah!!!! there he is,. Hopefully rest of us in the queue are not descendants of snails.

But then it becomes a pattern, some people are in for a minute, some for two and some take a minute or two more. You start to wonder if the machine is slow, the server is slow or maybe the air conditioning is bad causing people to perform really slowly in e heat. But then you see what's been happening. People have been counting their money once the ATM machine, after counting it multiple times has given it to them.
Why??? Why???? Why do they have to count that money right there? In the remotest of case, if the money is short, would they politely ask the ATM machine to correct it's error?
Or do they plan to holler "I have been short changed" in front of the macine, hoping that some sort of network will carry their voice packets to the bank folks?
Well, I guess most of such people are aware that there have hardly been any case of an ATM machine popping out wrong amount of money and I am sure that in the cases where there have been errors, they must not have been settled right there in front of the machine.

So please, go home count the booty and let machine-trusty people like me get the money and get on with our lives.

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