Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Friendship Day

Yeah I know, today is not friendship day. Neither do I understand the concept of such days and nor do I Identify with them. We have days for – women, aids, environment, friendship, mothers, fathers, children, blah, blah… blah, blah….
Do these days enhance the significance of what they symbolize?? DO you love you mom more because of this day or does she feel more motherly on the same day. Some people believe that such days actually trivialize what they stand for. I tend to disagree there too(yeah that’s me! the disagreeing induhvidual). I think that the concept of these days is too ridiculous to bear any impact on the cause that they support.
I see children and their parents running to the stationery shops around the World Environment Day. They make beautiful Charts, Cutouts, models around the same theme. Then they go to school, participate in environment related elocution contests and debates, win prizes, spend the prize money to buy a some lip smacking snacks wrapped in a non-biodegradable packing or drink some aerated drink out of a tin can, then go and switch on the air-conditioners in their rooms and play games on their gaming consoles. The small fragment of children(or adults) who were educated about the environment slowly but surely are the only ones who end up caring for it. I think the same applies to every other such cause or relationship or whatever is being celebrated via this day. If things are important they can’t just be important on one day in the whole year?
Some people argue that like anniversary or birthdays these days come to symbolize celebration of life or relationship or a cause. Which brings me to birthdays…. No, No I am not going to denounce birthday celebration, I am big sucker for birthdays. I just love celebrating birthdays of people I love. Buying gifts, preparing in advance, springing a surprise gives me quite a high. But just coz I like them does not make them logical, does it? Why do we celebrate birthdays? Just because earth is at the exact same spot (as on the day of our birth), in the ellipse that it makes around sun, makes a day special? That we are glad that we were born so we decide to throw a party. But aren’t we glad every day or should I say on most days?
All this senseless pondering has made me formulate a theory - I theorize that the human society deems it important to have specific milestones to celebrate even something perennial. Maybe we think it’s ok for important things to lose significance in our daily routines but it’s not ok to just get up and start celebrating one of them without a reason or a date. Strange are the ways of us humans. Though that sets me thinking if other animals also try to regularize celebration/action on something by having specific days to do so. Beats me...

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