Saturday, September 12, 2009

Not so "Cool' swearing

The othe day I was going through an article in TOI that carried concerns of parents, school teachers and principals and shrinks about the title of the movie "Kaminey". Collectively they were of the opinion that the movie and it's popularity is making the usage of the word "Kaminey" rather casual and childern have started to use it often in their conversations. They were afraid that they are going to grow up and make adults for whom "Kaminey" is just another word. Some of the parents must be of my generation and mind it! we are "the" generation tht made the f... word part of the everyday vocabulary in India. We are also the first generation that saw Hollywood movies at home everyday on television and thought that saying "shit"/"damn"was ok, since the cool guys and gals in movies said the same as eloquently as one would say "How lovely!!".
So, I find it ironic that "Kaminey" which is the hindi translation of the first word in an English movie for teens/pre-teens titled "Mean Girls", is facing so much flak, while the same set of parents of my generation, might have watched "Mean Girls" with their daughters and a bowl of popcorn. I think these people would be flabbergasted if someone did a hindi movie with a title which was hindi translation of "Austin Powes2 - The Spy who Shagged me". Though I suspect that most of them would have loved the Austin Powers movie and would have no qualms about calling out it's title in a social gathering.
Also ironic is the distance these people are from reality. They think the word "kaminey" will bring swearing into their lil children's vocabulary, quite oblivious to the fact these kids who have watched Hollywood stuff right from their first year in the world are not only familiar with all forms of possible usages of the "f..." word but make it a point to rant it many times a day to be "cool". While these kids mostly take care not to say these words in front of their folks but the non risky words like "shit" are part of their "can say in front of mommy" vocabulary.

I want to see the expression on mommy's face when that kid says "shit" in hindi.

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