Thursday, February 11, 2010

and BTW, I think you should loose some weight….

So those of you who have ever heard this line used in your own context would know the pain that any other person who is subject of such advice has to go through. I have struggled with weight all my life. I don’t think I am fat-fat(but then it is solely my opinion) but I have always been heavier for whatever was the fashionable weight for that time or my age. While in school there was no dearth of skinny girls and I always had a Punjabi girl physique so I was never in the ‘slim’ bracket. Then I got to college and the girls got skinnier, but not me. When I went to hostel while while doing my PG, I saw girls eat like hungry elephants and yet had concave shaped abdomens and I, despite being my thinnest best was still heavier than them. Sniff!!

I am a mother of a kid who looks like mother of a kid(if you know what I mean) and somehow advice/comments on weight and it’s management come free, almost like the pollutants that come free with the oxygen that we breathe in. Somehow people think that it’s OK to comment on someone’s weight. That it’s not rude and it’s not politically incorrect. I have heard comments upon my weight from people who are/were – really short/stick thin (thin that looks awful)/had biiiiiiiiiiig butt/ was bald or almost getting there/ had really bad skin(the kind that makes you throw up if you concentrate on some spot for too long)/ wore specs as thick as the berlin wall/ had noses that could make Pinocchio’s nose look really small/had really small eyes(the kinds where it’s hard to make out if they are open or closed)/ had squinty eyes(could never make out if that person was talking to me)/ had a very girlie voice for a man(Tendulkar’s voice sounds like Raza Murad as compared with him)/ had a really funny voice for a woman(Usha Uthup!)/ stammered/ had hair flowing from their ears/ had moustaches and beard(I am talking about a woman)/ had really bad body odor/ had really funny gait(walked like a mouse along the wall)/ had hideous sense of fashion.

Yet all these people with their own set of imperfections thought it was ok to tell me that losing weight would be a good thing for me. As if I didn’t know that I weigh more than I should and as if losing weight was something I could easily do but was lazy enough not to do it.

I guess they thought their own physical imperfections unlike mine could not be topic of discussion in a group, and that I didn't notice their beard or that nose and even if I did I’d be sensitive enough not to talk about that. :)

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