Friday, April 30, 2010

The special occasion called Saree

My mother wore Saree every single day for most part of her life. No we don’t belong to a community that mandates Saree as an attire for married women. Yet, she chose to dress in iteveryday for close to 30 years. She still drapes a Saree with as much ease and grace but no longer on a daily basis. I guess with age and health issues she has chosen other items of clothing over saree. Infact many women of her generation wore Sarees everyday of their adult lives, I know so many women who even slept in their Sarees because of the societal norms and then later out of habit.

I am an adult, oh yes, have been one for some time now and on certain days I chose to drape a saree to work. On those days when I start from home I am prepared for a day of raised eyebrows, of compliments, of oblique comments about having too much time at hand, or question like – “so what’s the occasion?”. No, no occasion yaar! the same occasion that your mother has been celebrating for 40 years now. The same occasion that my mom celebrated despite leading a far tougher life than mine. For her - a day of such occasion involved raising 3 children, hosting a constant flurry of stay-at-home guests, a day where she needed to do so many things manually- for which I just press a switch today. But a day where her movement, her efficiency and her grace was never restricted by this dress called saree.

I often hear feminist-ic women complain about how saree is the most uncomfortable dress around. I personally know women who claim that they get a headache whenever they drape a saree(but then why do it?). There are also girls(or rather women pretending to be little girls) who boast that they need one mother to drape a saree and two friends to help carry it. Yes you can’t go mountain climbing wearing a saree, even beach volleyball is a bad idea, but I guess every dress has a place to which it can or cannot be worn. Would you wear that little black dress to a place of worship or that ragged pair of jeans to your own wedding? Would you wear your denim shorts to an awards night or would you wear lingerie to fetch veggies?? Then why so much expectation from a saree?

Hey! If you’re clumsy and trip over your own dress then it’s not entirely your dress’ fault.

Also if you don’t like a dress but someone else looks great in it please don’t resent her, it’s a choice you made and hey! that jeans doesn’t look that bad on you afterall J.

To the last category of people who are lazy, I’d say – go back to lazing, that suits you quite well.