Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What’s with women and window shopping?!

I often hear this question. Needless to say it comes from men/guys who had to accompany their moms, wives, girlfriends or friends they were hoping would convert to girlfriends - while they went shopping.
Why do women indulge in window shopping? When I start to think about it I can come up with a lot of reasons –
  1. Window shopping provides one with the option of appreciating beautiful things without the pressure of making a decision about buying it or not.
  2. It allows you to scout for that perfect table or that pair of shoes you saw someone wear on television. Once you find it, you can buy it J
  3. It acts as a source of ideas – a trip to a decent home décor store gives you ideas about what all you could do with your house, a visit to the luxury boutique gives you enough ideas about that dress you wanted to get stitched for your cousin’s wedding.
  4. It allows you to see things(appreciatively) that you know you are never gonna be able to afford.
  5. It’s the perfect way to pass time while waiting for someone.
  6. It gives you a chance to reaffirm that there is so much expensive crap out there that people actually buy and then you thank goodness that you’re not one of them J
  7. Acts as a source of inspiration - to save more/earn more so that one day you can afford/buy that object of desire.
There can be many more reasons justifying window shopping but you know what?! No justification is needed!
If gazing at women irrespective of your relationship status counts as window shopping then men themselves indulge in it all the time. In the market , on the street, in the restaurant, on the escalator, at the beach – if there is a pretty little thing, they have to check her out. For them it seems to be as instinctive as breathing in and out. They’d be happy in their relationships or aware that they are not going to pursue someone or they would know that the hot girl would not notice if they passed her by, 1 million times, yet they choose to check her out - at times discreetly or at other times quite obviously.
If you go back and visit the women’s reasons for window shopping and replace things(like table, shoe) with - girl/match/woman, replace buying with having/marrying/befriending and replace window shopping with bird watching, all of them would still continue to make perfect sense.
What say?

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