Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Attention! Please I need it………

Have you ever come across a person who knows everything?....
Let me rephrase that, have you ever come across a person who has done everything, been everywhere, experienced anything that you happen to discuss with him/her or with anyone else. You discuss a disease and they have had or atleast have a relative who suffers from it, if you have migraine they suffer from a much more painful version of it. If you discuss a place they have been to it and the places you talk about might range from a non descript village in eastern UP to the most exotic locations in South America. You talk about a contest, say the Smelliest Sock contest and they have been its winners multiple times. You want a tattoo they’ll personally be in touch with many famous tattoo artists, you name a cocktail and they have tasted it. You name a movie, say “Attack of the killer tomatoes” or “Truck Driver Suraj” and they would have seen it and would also have DVD RIPs of both. You talk of someone’s hard luck and they will turn out to be the most unfortunate souls on the planet and the next day if you were discussing a lucky bastard they’ll flip the coin and start to count the numerous times they have struck gold. If your 2 year old can count till 3 then their 1 year old is already solving differential equations, if you can cook one dish well then they have 500+ secret recipies :)

While it is possible for a person to have had so many experiences in his/her life but I doubt the authenticity of their claims because they generally have to shout out that they know all that stuff and they tend to use their (imaginary) experiences to first become a part of and then the centre of the conversation. I have had the fortune(or mis-) to know a few of such people both socially and professionally and it took me a while to understand that this behavior is more associated with them not being secure in their own skins. They need to add more value to their persona to get noticed or should I say acknowledged.

But this attention seeking is not limited to bragging alone, more often than not I see people dressing in a way that screams the title of this post. Fancy a girl wearing a transparent(very) white shirt with red bra underneath (this is so true), or a lacy thong(purple was it?) underneath a low waist jeans to work. How about a guy with long flowing hair so against the rest of his personality or the guy with a good physique who feels pressured to wear chest and biceps hugging t-shirts? Have you ever heard to women frequenting their bank lockers to extract the right diamond jewellary set to go with their white crepe suit that they would wear while mourning someone’s death. :) Who would want to miss the opportunity to flash their financial status where so many people are going to gather up?

If you’re working then there are bound to be people at your workplace who send mails at the drop of a hat. They send mails if something is not working, then send mails if something is working, they send mails to demean people , they send mails to appreciate people. They just have to send mails lest someone forget all about them.

Then there is power backed attention seeking where the big bore is the person with power and he/she subjects people to their attention seeking flashes! It may be your boss who no-one really respects and he knows it and therefore to establish his own value he calls meetings every few hours where he blasts people and tells them how worthless they are or how he worked when he was in their place. It could be in an elderly in the family who gets worked up after watching a movie like ‘Bhagbaan’ and then tells every single person younger than him how the family values have gone to dump for the current generation and what a god son/brother/ blah/blah he has been.

It could also be that pseudo-rich guy who refuses to pay up his traffic violation fine and threatens the poor cop with his imaginary influential friends. Say if you’re so rich and powerful what is 500 bucks to you?

While such people are a general nuisance to the society but I’d urge you all(only if you’re not one of ‘em) to have sympathy with them and their condition. Smile at their boring anecdotes, praise the jewellary sets, appear awestruck at their stories of influence and do some deep breathing exercises while you endure all that. While they succeed in making 5-10 minutes of your day truly miserable but look how miserable all the days in their lives must be………


  1. If someone you care for is in such a state of mind, probably its time to make them feel loved and appreciated for what they are.

    Believe it or not, a low sense of self is a usually a result of external factors. Something that is beyond one's control.

  2. agree with that. Th onset of low self worth must be triggered by lack of appreciation/reassurance from the immediate circle.
    Blessed are those with good friends!