Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Angel of Hope

The same world looks new today,

with the promise of happiness and hope.

It tells me that it’ll all be fine,

though it seems like the end of rope.

Years later, when this is in distant past,

we’ll all look back and wonder,

How one little angel crouched hard,

but stood still in the thunder.

The thunder roared and roared again,

she knew it meant to cause a stir.

She looked it in the eye,

wondering why it had chosen her.

But now that it was upon her,

she let it do it’s bit.

It rained and rained for many days,

but she stayed still with sheer grit.

As she crouched, she smiled to herself,

for she knew a thing about thunders.

They can only last a little while,

and that’s all they have to cause blunders.

So she crouched harder knowing that,

her victory lies in patience.

She won the war without force

with just her perseverance.

So three cheers for the angel,

who is still fighting the storm.

For we all know the day is coming,

when all that is left of the thunder,

is the rainbow that it formed.

Happy Birthday Didi!


  1. That's fantastic, touchy & full of feelings!!! Love it!!!

    Its like stormy Sea, trying to take everything in it but The boat will come out and sail with high confidence.

  2. very well written, clear and the poetic soul in u comes alive beautifully :)
    keep writing!