Friday, September 23, 2011

Mommy-sick in Sickness

As a kid I used to be quite prone to seasonal sicknesses like common cold, flu, viral fever and such. If there was a common disease strain doing the rounds, then I had to be amongst the season’s pioneers to contract it. Top it with the fact that till about 10 years of age my tonsils also gave me frequent fever spells. While it may sound that I had a lot of trouble in my growing up years, I must admit that I did not mind being sick so much for the plain and simple fact that my mom took such great care of me.  She  herself used to feel quite lousy, empathizing with me, feeling my pain. I on the other hand use to feel like a princess with my mom fussing over me, looking after me and reprimanding everyone else in the household for no apparent reason.  There was a time when ‘Limca’ was quite popular as the drink for the sick and despite not being allowed to drink aerated drinks when healthy, my mom on doctor’s advice used to get Limca to my grinning self. To sweeten deal was sole access to the tv remote control and limitless tv watching while nibbling some fruit salad. What healed me best then, or even now was her warm touch on my forehead every few minutes, even when extremely sick, I used to feel that things would soon be alright.

That was then and this is now. Now I live quite far from my mother and am a mother myself. Recently I fell sick with high grade fever after a very long time and all that week I missed my mom like crazy and felt so much gratitude for what all she had been doing all those years. There were no juice or limca glasses finding their way into my room, no one cursing the world for giving me that fever and no warm, reassuring caresses telling me it will soon be over. I knew that it was a simple fever and would be over sooner or later, but my mother’s absence made me all the more sickly.  

Being sick is no longer fun and frankly I would like to unsubscribe from the seasonal sickness program.
Thank you, no longer interested in your new beautiful viral strain! I lack the infrastructure to deal with it.

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