Friday, February 3, 2012

I dream of….

A guy once told me that Adobe was his dream company. I didn’t understand it then and I still am having trouble understanding what he meant by that. Did he mean that getting into Adobe is such a difficult task that getting there in reality is ruled out for him, or did he mean that he actually dreamt of Adobe? Why? Why would you dream of a corporate house?

So the smug me was all judgmental about this mere mortal and his cheap dreams till I came face to face with reality. Every day I heard(and still do hear) phrases like dream-job, dream-car, dream-house, dream hair, dream man, dream girlfriend(no, not wife), so on and so forth? Probably there are terms like - dream lipstick, dream sofa, dream phone, dream television, dream toys or dream moustache that are in circulation and haven’t reached my ears yet!

All this time I had been considering dreams so sacred and far beyond that I forgot their true meaning. Maybe they are meant to be the carrots hanging at the end of the stick. Difficult to achieve goals, yet not totally unachievable. Just the kind of things that come true if you work hard enough. They are certainly better than my dreams in this sense, cause my kind of dreams never come true, they remain just that – dreams.

So now the state is that when someone talks about their dream of becoming CEO of a company, I don’t snigger. Do I understand such a dream – hell no! But do I judge the dreamer – well, not always J

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