Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Little Enigma

She came, she saw and conquered us all,

never mind the crayon frescos all over the walls.

Some days she is the “super-hero” dressed in pink,

saving the world while sipping her strawberry drink.

So girly, yet drawn more to action than fluff,

Chotta bheem and Transformers are her favorite stuff.

“Bank maasi modder podder dick pock” is the monster in her tales,

Drinking milk fast, kills it always.

The ice-cream is a wonderful invention you see,

not only it tastes good, but kills germs in the tummy for free.

She fancies books with pictures and text,

the airplane security card does the job best.

Her friends must be tired of her incessant instructions,

But li’l girls wear makeup only on school functions.

When she grows up, her mom and dad will shrink,

she will then take care of us like babies, she thinks.

A pink helicopter will be her ride to work,

2 days of work and 5 days of holidays, as perks.

Her birthday every year must have a new theme,

10 is a big number in age, to her it seems.

How can time fly as fast as this?

Born just yesterday and already four, she is!


  1. wonderful and true...
    They are growing so fast..the kids.

  2. Thanks Sameer! Yes, seems like only yesterday when I held her for the first time.