Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I see the drops falling down,
first touching my chin, then kissing the ground.

The world around has lost its hues,
it is all gray with dull shades of blue.

Can’t see too far with the vision blurred,
but closing my eyes leaves my soul stirred.

The birds have stopped singing their song,
maybe they are waiting for the sun to come along!

But nothing is what may meet the eye,
you were saying hello, when you meant goodbye.

Some may find these lines, a trifle sad,
but in a place like this, rain isn’t too bad!

This release introduces clarity,
it helps clean up the dusty familiarity.

Suddenly you see that beautiful green of trees,
you didn’t notice them under the brown-gray sheath.

The carpet of road on which you ran,
has had holes exposed across its span.

I’ll let it fall till my eyes go sore,
while I soak myself in this downpour.


  1. Very nice!! The parallel tracks for rain and tears is just amazing!!