Monday, March 25, 2013

Rainbow in her eyes

As the almonds become two crescent shaped moons,
Her smile finds its way to your lips, pretty soon.
She tells you she saw, the pink pony that ran,
all across the length of the rainbow’s span.

She  created her world of candy with pride,
where the children can lick their way down the slides.
The trampolines help you reach out to the pink clouds,
they are made up  of candy floss, without a doubt.

Jumping is the new way to take a stride,
If tired, you can always hail a butterfly, for a ride.
‘Hello Kitty’ and ‘Dora’ are her friends living in bubbles,
then there’s always ‘Tintin’ to help, if in trouble.

The real world is also observed with as much glee,
Nothing’s more hilarious in the world then a ‘tush-ie’
The babies are so pretty, cute and cuddly,
then why they need to grow up, to be hairy and ugly?

Why the brides wear hoods on their heads?
They would look much better with fairy wings instead.
Why the schools don’t start later in the day?
When there is pink and purple, then why think of grey?

The sun is a traveler she wistfully chimes,
visiting all counties in just a day’s time.
Are we for real or is someone reading our story?
Has the writer written everything or is it just allegory?

The little explorer has made this still painting alive,
if you ask her how old she is, she’ll say  - “Just Five”.

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