Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Dear 'old' Facebook, where are you?

I miss the old Facebook. No, I am not talking about any new experience or interface changes that the Facebook website or app has introduced. I miss the old way in which people around me were using it.
A 'hello' from a long lost friend, pictures of friends and family, from events that you could or could not attend. Birthday wishes, news of a new baby, news of someone getting married, a promotion, a change of location or someone's travel experiences taking you to that place in a flight of seconds. Sporadic posts from one or two over indulgent facebookers, telling you about what they ate last night or that they are happy or sad. Some meaningful forwards which were meaningful not only because of the content but also because they were sent once in a while. 

But these days my Facebook 'feeds' sections is a collage of crap(pardon my language).  People are hell bent on publicizing their political ideologies to the level that those like me, feel nauseated. I diligently read newspapers, I watch the news(yeah! sometimes) and I would consider myself - 'a well informed' individual. I can make up my mind about which party to vote for and which leader to follow or not. I do not want to keep on reading about political ideologies of other people. You voiced it once or twice and I understood which side of the fence you stand on. If I need more information about that side, I shall contact you – on phone,  on email or maybe just meet up with you. But then, you post message after message after message after message, telling everyone how well thought your decisions are and how little, people with opposing ideologies, have put their minds into. I really question your intention. 'Holier than thou' can't be inspirational for anyone. Maybe you enjoy mud slinging and it just got easy with Facebook.

To all such people I have a question:
Why can't you start writing a blog about such things and have people subscribe to it? It would also give you a fair idea about how many people actually care about your political, ideological opinions. If you are too lazy to do that, start a new page on Facebook and publish your thoughts there. If that is also too much work for you, why don't you just create a group of friends who you know for sure, are interested in your wise words and send all such political/ideological posts to that group instead of spamming totally disinterested people like me. 

To counter what I just said, please don't tell me about Tahrir Square like phenomena happening via Facebook. I am talking about verbal wrestling here. Those busy in action(the kinds that happened in Eqypt), would not be constantly  sitting in front of a screen, degrading other people and their opinions.

Facebook, till now has meant a way for me to connect with people at a personal level. Even without exchanging many words I get some clue about how each of those on my friends list, are doing. Till recently it meant something very positive for me.  If I needed preaching, patronizing or if I wanted to witness two people arguing endlessly, I would look for other, more effective avenues.

I know a couple of smarty pants, who think they got away with it all, by posting that they are going to keep at this spamming  and those disinterested can 'hide' posts from them.  Well, you are the one suffering from verbal diarrhea, you should be fixing your behavior instead of teaching people ways to block your stink. Moreover 'unfriending' is a far better and permanent solution.