Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Reboot and Evolve!

Phew!! I am writing after a long long time; almost after 1.5 years I suppose.  These past 17-18 months have been harbingers of change in my life.  A lot of water has flown under, over and besides the bridge, since I last wrote a blog post. My last post was about the nauseating effects of political propaganda by friends and family on less politically vocal individuals like me. Well you already know how that ended: Modi formed government at the centre and Kejriwal formed one in Delhi. The traffic on my Facebook feeds reduced substantially due to their respective supporters and detractors finding something more productive to do with their time. But unfortunately I still see a few posts on a daily basis telling me how to think, especially politically…

Anyway much better things happened in my life, I gave birth to a smart, intelligent and a healthy baby girl. We named her Ira. My husband, my elder daughter and I were elated beyond belief much to dismay of many who wanted some gender balance in our house.  Ira is both a riot and a diva, a joy and paradox and just the kind of member we needed to complete our family. She’s born after 6 years of our elder daughter, you can say - right decision taken a little late, but glad that we decided to go for it.

After Ira, I did yet another long pending, scary but right thing. I quit my job at Adobe. My growth in that company was quite comparable to that of the Saguaro cactus in desert.  This stagnation crossed a threshold and I decided to move on. Many won’t term my move wise, but this decision opened further unseen avenues for me. I decided that I won’t pick up another corporate job unless there was some financial emergency at home. In process,  I discovered the open and fair(so far..) world of freelancing.  I was able to forge long term and trustful relationships with multiple clients across the globe. But that’s not all, I’ve got grand plans and am working towards them, slowly but surely. Another luxury afforded only after I started flying solo, professionally.

This last one year, despite having my hands full with my daughters, I read more books and saw more movies than I had read or seen in last 10 years. I also started writing(thanks to the course described in a great book called - "The Artist’s Way"), something that I have been meaning to do for a long long time. Nothing path breaking or relevant, just plain words flowing through my mind, onto the laptop. I got in touch with long lost friends and made a school reunion happen after 19 long years. I also started a book club and it’s on it’s way to celebrate it’s first birthday! Yayyy!!! I also learnt how to swim! Yipppieee!!

On a more superficial note -  I cut my hair short, very short. Also, I gained weight during pregnancy, shed some of it later, gained much  of it back, eating my way through the winters and am trying hard to lose it again. So no change there. No! absolutely none!

Like they say, change is the most permanent thing in life and these past couple of years I have tried to embrace it like crazy. The results are not bad, not bad at all….
So that's all that I have been upto these few months or years.

One thing that is going to change for this blog is that I am going to write more regularly. So dear readers, if you care and if you ever think that it’s been long since I have sent my shout out to the world via this blog, feel free to remind me about it.

See you around!!


  1. Good to see you back in action Gunjeet. And I am very happy for the progress you have made. All the best. And yes, do keep writing.

  2. Thank you Vibha! You have been an inspiration to me!

  3. Very well written Gunjeet.. You have captured so many beautiful phases of your life in this blog.. Keep writing and sharing :)

  4. Thank you Priyanka! I hope to be more regular going forward!

  5. I was able to relate to this line - "My growth in that company was quite comparable to that of the Saguaro cactus in desert" :-)
    Nice choices of words and fluency made it easy to go through the entire post in one breath. Good one and waiting to hear more. Although, I too want to write lot many things but you know why is that not possible, but someday in my life ....

  6. Shiraz miyaan - Thanks for the kind words, and I would encourage you to write. Get rid of your inhibitions and especially the inhibitors, if you know what I mean..... he he...