Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dear Nike - Da Da Ding, Thank you!!

Have you guys seen the new Nike ad?  The really long one, with only women in it? Lots of sporty, sweaty and badass women. (You can watch it here.)

Wow! The ad took my breath away…. My elder one, a girl, was also startled to see so many women, having fun, being focused, being crazy, yet looking great without wearing flouncy or skimpy dresses, makeup or even a smile. The music is also great, along with all the other aspects that go into making an ad film. Kudos to the team who created and approved an ad like this.

Did you know, with the sole exception of Deepika Padukone(who played Badminton professionally, but no more),all the other women in the ad are professional sportswomen? I didn’t know, I dug around to find that out. No wonder the ad looked so  real, their movements looked instinctive and not rehearsed. They looked like real sportspersons. Period.

The ad resonates completely with the Nike tagline  - “Just Do it!”. In the constantly objectified projection of women and their body parts, this ad is like the first drop of rain on parched,drought-ridden land. It was not about towing the line, being a good girl or a sex object or looking like a doll, but about doing your thing and doing it with full conviction.

I know there are be many people who would change the channel and comment about how advertising standards of Nike have gone south,for them to come up with such a girly ad. They would also be some who would find titillation looking at women running in slow motion with their navels exposed.
Then there will be some who would wonder out aloud, as to what is the future of all these women? How are they going to get married in respectable households and raise children? You know, the “settle down” question that even Wimbledon champions have to answer.
While I have don’t have a single gram(yes I only do SI units) of sympathy for their concerns but I do have answer for their entertainment needs, why don’t you stop watching the ad and go back to  Bhai movies, Porn and Saas Bahu soaps respectively.
On behalf of the rest few like me, who rejoice in this real and splendid portrayal of women, I thank Nike for this ad from the deepest core of my heart. 

Da da ding!! Da da ding! Da da ding!!!

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