Monday, December 5, 2016

You know something is horribly wrong when ……. - #1

I am one of the people who can sense something amiss right in the beginning of a blunder. But I still keep telling myself that I am being paranoid and things might turn out just fine. Later, in most of the cases, when things just don’t turn out fine, I tend to think  - “Wow!! how did I know this beforehand?!!”  So given my vast experience in life and such things, I thought I’ll start a series imparting my pearls of wisdom that can act as life hacks for those who are still trying to put a finger on the cause behind that queasy feeling in their tummies.

Here is a first of many(yes! sorry in advance) such posts.

"You know something is horribly wrong when - the poster boy of development and the head of the state brags about the enterprising tactics of a beggar in his country.”

Disclaimer - This is NOT a political post. 
If I succeeded in riling you up, then I suggest a quick remedy - Replace the person you think I am talking about, with the head of another country of your choice. You might see the irony in his/her words. Incase you still are pretty agitated, here is another remedy - “Stop reading this, now!”

For the rest, whenever I will get that feeling of dread and I am able to figure out the cause behind it, you’ll see another of my posts here.  Till then you’ll need to figure out the world, all alone!

All the best!

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