Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sober Yet Drunk.....

So, I decided to write a blog...
The decision to write was not based on the premise that I "had to write" but on the fact that I could. No compelling reason to start penning my thoughts, just the inability to satisfactorily answer the question - "Why not write a blog?"
My profession concerns computers and software but my thoughts about these are not going to figure here. This blog is going to be about my opinions, perceptions and some random thoughts on anything but my profession.
About the title of the blog, currently it is "DrunkOnLife" For those of you who don't know me, I am not an eternal optimist or a very "happy-go-lucky" kind of person; the sort of person who would be expected to have title like that for their blog. Just that "DrunkOnLife" sounded interesting and I also believe that there can be many dimensions/meanings to being "drunk on life" not just the "happy happy" one.
So here I am with this blog. I am not going to be a regular here, you can expect sporadic posts that will be sensitive at times and at other times senseless or profound at times and at other times superficial or precise at times and totally ambiguous at others.

See you soon!!


  1. Cool! Ms MK.. So I knew that one day you would break the ice... And even I was hunting for you on the net and vying to be the first one to post a comment ;)
    Nice start...
    If you are thinking who I am, well try figuring out what MK stands for :)

  2. Cool! Ms MK :)
    Nice Start...
    Wondering what MK stands for... Think hard... :)